Nicholas Husselman. Located 60 ki ... Stores and prices for '2015 Perdeberg 'The Dry Land Collection' Resol ... ' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. A proudly South African wine with sweet raspberry aromas, mulberry undertones and elegant oak spices. Adults only. [10], Pinotage remained relatively obscure internationally until Beyers Truter from Kanonkop won the 1987 Diner's Club Wine of the year for his Pinotage. It feels bold and smooth with an overwhelming aroma of deep red and dark fruit, mainly raspberry, fig, red licorice, black cherry and blackberry. The blend, which must contain pinotage, can also incorporate reds like merlot and cabernet sauvignon. It took a long time for quality orientated producers to latch on to the grape`s potential - in the 1970s it was still being grubbed up in favour of more fashionable grapes. The grape is a viticultural intraspecific cross of two varieties of Vitis … Pinotage. A full mouthfeel with rich fruit flavours, soft tannins and wellintegrated oak with a hint of vanilla. It’s said that the first Professor of Viticulture at Stellenbosch University — Abraham Izak Perold — created the Pinot Noir / Cinsault cross in an effort to bring the taste of Burgundy to South Africa. Even though Pinotage has become a flagship variety of South Africa, its plantings make up less than ten percent of vines in the region. The intention of the cross was most likely to capture and expand upon Pinot Noir's delicate elegance and Cinsault's har… Serve with rich winter stews, roast duck, guinea fowl, quail, ostrich, game casserole, classic goulash, venison steak, smoked Kassler chops, pasta, pizza, roast leg of lamb, bobotie and even chocolate. [3], The young plants were moved to Elsenburg Agricultural College under Perold's successor, CJ Theron. It’s the moment you have a glass of Kumala in hand. It produces bold & hearty wines, wines to drink around the braai.Goes with anything you can throw on the grid : steak, wors, ribs, veggies & spicy sauces. The flavors are bold, and tannins are firm but ripe—in fact, many Pinotage wines bear … You should expect tannins to be bold but to have a sweet note on the finish –almost like flavored smoke. [3] Meanwhile, Perold continued to visit his former colleagues. A standard red wine glass will do the trick. [11], From 2007 to 2017, the quality, demand, and supply of Pinotage grew significantly. In winemaking, controlling the coarseness of the grape and the isoamyl acetate character are two important considerations. It was cultivated there in 1925 as a cross between Pinot noir and Cinsaut (Cinsaut was known as "Hermitage" in South Africa at that time, hence the portmanteau name). [8] German winemakers have recently begun experimenting with the grape. This rich and flavourful Pinotage shows upfront fruit sweetness with plum, banana and fruitcake aromas. High-quality vintages can have a floral, earthy nose with juicy dark and red fruit flavors like black plum, cherry, and raspberry. A medium bodied Rosé that is layered with sweet red berries. Pinotage. Kleine Rust Rosé (Pinotage) 2020. Pinotage is also used in red wine blends such as the classic Cape Blend. R44.99. Zonnebloem Pinotage 2015. Pinotage is a red grape variety born & bred in South Africa. Type: Red Style: Dry Body: Soft Pack: Bottle size: 750ml Closure: Cork. uy SIMONSIG PINOTAGE DRY RED online in Nairobi and get it delivered within two hours between Monday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Despite the reputation for easy cultivation, the Pinotage grape has not escaped criticism. The wine pairs perfectly with fennel-infused sausages, lasagna, and barbeque-ribs. A medium bodied Rosé that is layered with sweet red berries. Theron showed him the newly grafted vines, and the one that was doing best was selected for propagation and was christened Pinotage. Within the red wines, common varietals you can expect to encounter include Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz, and Cabernet. Aromatics of violets, plums, cocoa, spice and earth. Learn about the characteristics of this wine to find a favorite. The alternative name 'Herminoir' was considered. In recent years South African winemakers have experimented with producing Pinotage in a lighter style, picking grapes earlier for lower sugar and using whole bunches in fermentation to increase the acidity, a style more similar to the parent grape Pinot Noir. [12], Of the 10 most-planted wine grape varieties in South Africa, Pinotage is the only red cultivar to have grown in hectares from 2007 to 2017. Formerly know as Perdeberg 'The Dry Land Collection' Pinotage. On great bottles of Pinotage you’ll be delighted by the flavors other than fruit. Many of the best vintages don't make it out of South Africa, but some quality options can still be found. Our description is locked. The university sent in a team to tidy it up, just as Charlie Niehaus happened to pass by. From around 3 million litres of Pinotage a year at the turn of the century, domestic sales have increased to over 5 million litres, and exports since 2001 have gone from just over 8 million litres a year to close on 19 million litres – contributing an estimated R495 million to the local economy in 2017. He planted four grape seeds in 1925, which were later forgotten about after he left the university. Some winemakers have experimented with letting the grapes get very ripe prior to harvest followed by limited oak exposures as another means of taming the more negative characteristics of the grape while maintaining its fruitiness. It is a required component (30-70%) in "Cape blends". The L'Avenir Provenance Pinotage is medium-bodied, exhibiting a fine balance between fruit and spiciness, with a smooth and refined texture. It can be found or ordered at many wine shops, and when in doubt, consult the staff to find what you're looking for. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Quick Tips to Store Wine for Optimal Aging and Flavor. Since he joined us in 1996, Cellar Master Frans Smit has harnessed more than three centuries of winemaking history to transform Spier from a small cellar into a major, award-winning Stellenbosch producer. The taste has a sweet fruit entry followed by savoury spice, balanced smokey tannins and a juicy mouthfeel. Though you are a beginner at the sweet wine world, it may take a soft push for some long-term wine drinkers to try a sweet red, because it may feel wrong at first. Violets and spiced plums open, interwoven with touches of … Tiny House Vineyard 2018 Rosé of Pinotage (Sonoma Coast) Sonoma. Perdeberg Dry Land Collection Resolve Pinotage* ... Aromatisch en sappig Pinotage. In a Cape Blend, the Pinotage portion must range anywhere from 30-70% of the final composition. [17], In addition to South Africa, Pinotage is also grown in Brazil, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, United States and Zimbabwe. Pinotage Ros é Dry 2010 Stellenbosch, South Africa Lovely fruity wine with sweet herb, cherry and berry fruit nose.


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